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Mike's Fairwood Auto For AC Evaporator Repair

Moisture is the enemy of your car's air conditioning system. The evaporator is your AC system's front line of defense against unwanted moisture. Replacing a car AC evaporator is not an easy job and should only be attempted by the pro mechanics at Mike's Fairwood Auto in Renton.

Replacing the entire evaporator assembly will save time and money down the road. Accessing your car's AC evaporator is easy because it is mounted inside the cabin of your vehicle. In fact, you can access your evaporator through your car's glove box. However, the lines going to and from the evaporator run throughout your air conditioning system and replacing them requires the disassembly of the engine bay.

Trust Mike's Fairwood Auto in Renton To Replace Your Car's Evaporator

  • Get AC unit full seal testing
  • Identify and repair internal corrosion issues.
  • Find troublesome micro cracks and leaks in the evaporator core
  • Pressurize and calibrate the AC system to manufacture standards



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reviewiconQuick Lube Services, near Renton, WA

Great service, knowledgeable technicians, great people skills, and great sense of humor, best part they work really well!! I never had a bad experience, will continue to go to Mike, and my family as well.

, 02/08/2024


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